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Wednesday, June 14

Game On

I am pleased to say that Virginia voters yesterday picked a good candidate to face off against George Allen in the Senate race in November. The Democratic candidate will be James Webb, the former Secretary of the Navy under Reagan.

Webb is one of the few politicians who has changed parties from Republican to Democrat; lately most party changes have been going the other way. I know that some Virginia Dems are a little skeptical of his Democratic cred, and some who also think he may be a tad too conservative for our liking. However, there is no question in my mind that a Dem needs to be a little on the conservative side to be competitive in Virginia. In addition, Webb is a former Marine, with combat experience in Viet Nam. It seems like almost every male in his family for several generations served in the Marines, so let's see a chickenhawk like Allen (who I believe has no military service under his belt) make something of that!

Webb's opponent in the primary was a long-time state Democratic activist who really is a good man. Unfortunately, he also is a lobbyist for the telecom industry, so he probably was not the best person to be carrying the Democratic banner this November. Webb won the primary by six points, despite a huge disadvantage in fundraising. I hope the Democratic party will now unite behind him, and that the national party dumps a shit pot of money into the race. Allen has about $7 million in his re-election fund, so it's going to take a whole lot of money for Webb to win.

In any event, I am pretty excited that we have a very respectable candidate facing off against Allen, who truly is one of the most insufferable of the Republican lot. So, go Jim Webb go. Let's turn Virginia blue!

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