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Tuesday, June 20

From the comments section in Liz' post below:

"Wow, even Red State Blues is a hateful leftist who engages in personal attacks without knowing who I am. Is that the only argument you have? A lame chickenhawk argument? You're the ones making claims about the administration and the fighting of the war without listing any of your credentials. If you believe that your moral authority can only be backed by your bona fides, then let's see them. Come on, don't hide behind your purse." -- Don Rumsfeld

My great-great grandfather and great-grandfather built railroads throughout the American midwest during the Mexican, Civil, and Spanish-American wars.
My grandfather was postmaster of the town during World War One.
My father entertained troops during World War Two.
My Godfather was a decorated veteran of the South Pacific during World War Two.
My father-in-law was a Korean War veteran who guarded P.O.W.s
My son is a decorated veteran of Gulf War One who came home with a case of depleted uranium poisoning.
During the Vietnam War, I worked in a midwestern steel mill, where the "end uses" on some of the orders that I processed were: "Humvee parts", "hand grenade handles", and "ammunition boxes".

"Bona fides" in order? 'Course, some of us are still alive, Don. Perhaps in order to qualify for your idea of authenticity, we would have to be dead. Is that your idea of a "hero"? Or is it someone who has his Daddy get him a position with the Texas Air National Guard so he won't have to see combat?

Finally, the people on this blog are among the best friends I have ever had in my life and just remember one thing: When you speak to one of them, you are speaking to me as well.

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