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Friday, June 23

Drama in DC- Why do the bushistas hate NY?

NY and DC on 9/11 provided the bushistas with opportunities to make their cronies very wealthy and powerful. Why slap the cities in the face?

According to Dana Milbank of Wapo, in Republicans Gone Wild, two very unhappy mayors, Anthony Williams (DC) and Michael Bloomberg (NY) spent some time yesterday at the House's Homeland Security Committee hearing ripping the Department of Homeland Security representative, George Foresman, a new one for for slashing counterterrorism funds by 40% to NYC and DC.

What was astounding to Milbank, was that it was Republicans who were going off on the DHS and Peter King and others were talking about forcing the administration to restore funding to 2 of America's most vulnerable cities to terrorist attacks.

Long Island's only Republican congressman, Peter King, who must be up for re-election, led the assault on the DHS. Not only that, James Sensenbrenner also ripped the administration and the DOJ for failing to provide them with documents pertaining to the NSA's telephone surveillance.

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