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Tuesday, June 6

DHS Funding: The Outrage Is Still Strong

The two cities that were attacked by terrorists, NYC and DC, had homeland security funding drastically slashed. Giuliani Blasts NYC Anti-Terror Fund Cuts
and the lastest news is that Mayor Bloomberg of NYC suggests that funding cuts may be payback for embarrassing the DHS last year.

Questionable projects funded by DHS include $202,000 to install 70 video surveillance cameras in Dillingham, Alaska, a fishing village of 2,400 people, and $100,000 to provide Washington, D.C., sanitation workers with a Dale Carnegie course in public speaking. Others included $36,000 to prevent terrorists from raising money through bingo in Kentucky and a $30,000 medical aid trailer for the annual Madisonville, Texas, mushroom festival. In addition, Charlotte got $8,970,000 for security spending, Omaha received $8,330,000, the Louisville Area, $8,520,000 and the state of North Dakota gets $10,788,443.

Meanwhile: WASHINGTON, June 6 (UPI) -- U.S. officials fear a domestic terror attack is likely before the end of the year, as activity by "homegrown" cells is increasing, CBS News reported Tuesday.

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