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Tuesday, June 20

Cheney woke up from his nap long enough to spew more lies

Cheney 5/30/05: The Insurgency Is "In The Last Throes”…
Cheney 6/19/06: “I Do” Believe The Insurgency Is In The Last Throes...
and of course the ever popular bushista line, "no one could have anticipated "the violence that the US has seen in Iraq...
Bloomberg via Huffpo

Meanwhile, back in Iraq, the 2 missing soldiers turned up... dead
May they rest in peace along with the other 2500 soldiers who died for our freedom here in the US. The weenie Japanese are pulling out their troops from Iraq. Don't they care about my freedom from terrorists?

Democracy and The Press Go Down Together:
Thanks to media conglomeration, Americans still have the wool pulled over their eyes about the invasion and occupation of Iraq, sometimes called the War On Iraq. The FCC is about to cave to media consolidation again if we don't let them know that we want a free media. Visit The FCC is yet another enemy of democracy.

One of the results of ridiculous reporting by big media is that the 15 year old girl, Ava Lowery of Alabama, my heroine, is receiving death threats because of her anti-war videos at Just how cracked are people when they are misinformed?

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