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Tuesday, June 13

The business of blogging

Excuse my lack of knowledge regarding blogging lingo. LIZ ?? Blondesense is a blog - that I know. You are the Host(?) - correct? We are all called bloggers - right? I contribute (post) to your blog. A lot of comments (discussions) about the posts are written by other bloggers and a lot of comments are written by people who do not have their own blog. Are the commentators that don't have their own blog also called bloggers?

I am still amazed at how many people I know that have no idea what blogging is or how to do it. I have always thought of myself as computer illiterate, but now I am finding out that I actually know a lot more than I think I do. At first, all I thought I was capable of doing was "clicking" where highlighted. I ended up in places I never knew existed. I read so much that somedays I would start on a site and end up wondering "How the hell did I get here?" having completely forgotten where I first started.

This article, "Should You Quit Your Day Job to Blog?" caught my eye. I have always wondered how the blogging business worked. Well, I kind of know, but I am one who never notices the advertisements and I guess that's where the business of blogging comes in. Are there really that many people out there in the blogosphere who pay attention to ads and are influenced by them? Maybe it's the subliminal message-type ads that are out there that affect us some way?

This article is about Amanda from - a vlog (my new word for the day -- I had no idea!). I have never heard of the site. I checked it out; it's o.k., but something I probably would not add to my favorites. She makes a shit load of money -- good for her! I just don't understand why a company would pay her $85,000 per week to show their ad.

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