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Saturday, June 24

As Flame Might Say, "Distraction Much?"

We haven't talked too much here about those scary Miami terrists arrested the other day. From what I've read, these guys couldn't terrorize themselves out of a paper bag. They sound like your garden variety knuckleheads, sitting around popping off at the mouth, visions of glory dancing through their heads. The so-called Al-qaeda contact, who was really an FBI agent, had to supply them with a rental car for surveillance, a map and, I kid you not, boots. It used to be that when the government went that far in supplying the means for the commission of a crime, it was called entrapment. Anywho, this looks to me like more of the usual, "hey, look over here, terra, terra, mumble mumble, fight 'em there before we have to fight 'em here" bullshit.

I mean, does anyone really buy this shit anymore? Do any of y'all think these guys were for real?

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