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Monday, June 12

As Americans we value life

Even in an experimental prison setting like the Stanford Prison Experiment, prisoners experienced extreme despair and emotional breakdowns, so it's really no wonder that Guantanamo prisoners would attempt suicide. They weren't even charged with anything, there was no trial, nothing. Why is anyone shocked?

One of the men who committed suicide was set to be released but no one had told him yet.

"These people are told they'll be 50 by the time they get out, that they have no hope of getting out. They've been denied a hearing, they have no chance to be released."
I'm no al Qaida sympathizer, believe me, but I would have to agree that charges should be brought against 'detainees' even if they are the most despicable swine on the planet. The guards are supposed to check on 'detainees' every two minutes and apparently they didn't. The reason for the check up is to ensure that the prisoners don't try to kill themselves... because after all, the US always tries to err on the side of life. oy.

"What I would say is that we are always concerned when someone takes his own life, because as Americans we value life even if it is the life of a violent terrorist captured waging war against our country."

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