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Tuesday, June 27

Abstinence Education: Girls Don't Like Sex

You have got to read this article at alternet, "Abstinence Double Standard Threatens Girls' Health" because it's a mind blower. This is a cause I can jump on because it's chock full of lies and outdated social mores. It's dangerous. There's no mention of birth control other than abstinence, which doesn't work, and it has no effect on the spread of STD infection. Nice.

Shame based abstinence education is what the government is funding and it has no health value and NO redeeming social value to boot. It teaches that "boys will be boys" and girls just have to control themselves, say no and never to "tease" them by wearing sexy clothing. It's up to girls to stop kissing the boy when things get heated up, because after all, girls don't really like sex anyway. Girls have to STOP sending the sexy messages to boys. Boys simply cannot control themselves so if a girl gets pregnant or ABUSED by a boy, it's her fault.

It almost seems like whomever is writing these "health" books has also written, but not published yet, new rules for who has to pay child support when the girl forgets to say no and gets knocked up- why the girl of course. If a boy sexually abuses a girl, it's her fault. The boy couldn't help it. So if a girl gets AIDS, HPV or other STD, it's her fault for not stopping the boy. "Waddaya gonna do?" There's no actual health and safety information.

Where do they come up with this shit? In their rich fantasy lives of life in ancient times? Our tax dollars are funding this crappy excuse for sex education? And it doesn't work either. Trying to fight nature with nonsense is a losing battle. They had better come up with something that works. Why do they think that boys and girls got married at 14 before the modern era? It's no easy task to delay what nature urges human beings to do. The government is funding a curriculum rife with misinformation- our children are unarmed and dangerous.

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