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Wednesday, May 31

Who Are The Real Abortionists?

In this article, The Natural Family Planning Abortion, at Talk To Action, I learned that the "pro-life" position on birth control is that the godly way to prevent pregnancy, if you're married, is only to use Natural Family Planning (NFP) which was once called the "rhythm method". That means that you should avoid genital contact during a woman's fertile period around day 14 of the menstrual cycle. (Research confirms however that ovulation can take place at any time during the monthly cycle. The 14th day thing is out.) The official "pro-life" position against birth control pills, which raise the levels of progesterone, is that if the "tiny baby" (blastocyst) fails to implant in a hostile uterine lining (which is caused by raised levels of progesterone), the "tiny baby" will die. Thus birth control pills, in their opinion, produce chemical abortions.

But what about a female's natural progesterone? Breast feeding raises the level of progesterone in a woman's body (which causes "tiny babies" to die) so generally a woman does not get pregnant during this time. Religionists have no problem with using breast feeding as a natural way to space babies however it works the same way as the Plan B pill. "Pro-life" proponents ought to take into consideration then that breast feeding is also a chemical abortion. No?

What should be even more alarming to "Pro-lifers" is that new research also condemns the rhythm method as a killer of embryos. Using a condom or having an abortion causes LESS embryonic death world wide than using the rythm method!
As many as 50% of conceptions may not survive long enough even to disrupt menstruation, Bovens says. It is reasonable to assume then, he adds, that embryos created from sperm that has been sitting for days within the female's reproductive tract before ovulation may be disadvantaged.

The situation is similar, he suggests, for eggs that have been waiting around for sperm to arrive. These are the only two likely scenarios where fertilisation might occur using the rhythm method, he points out.

These embryos may then face a less-than-ideal uterine lining, he points out, since the uterus is not as receptive outside of the most fertile period.

Bovens calculates that, if the rhythm method is 90% effective, and if conceptions outside the fertile period are about twice as likely to fail as to survive, then “millions of rhythm method cycles per year globally depend for their success on massive embryonic death”.

If you’re concerned about embryonic death,” Bovens says, “you’ve got to be consistent here and give up the rhythm method.”


[Roger Gosden, at the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Infertility in New York, US] recalls that at least one study found that Roman Catholics had higher rates of miscarriage, presumably, he says, due to aged gametes. "Actually confirming this is not easy, though," he admits.
uh oh, anyway.

In The Natural Family Planning Abortion article, this book, Contraception and Abortion from the Ancient World to the Renaissance by John M. Riddle who researched ancient birth control methods that were passed down from generation to generation of women discovered that the Catholic church in the 1200's offered instructions to the poor for "preventing pregnancy and provoking the menses - an eternal euphemism for abortion." Oh my.

The "pro-life" religionists ought to wake up and smell the science if they are so concerned about the killing of millions of "tiny babies" who meet up with a hostile uterine lining. It might behoove them to try to convince fellow religionists to completely avoid sexual contact with their spouses unless they are trying to conceive and to absolutely avoid sex during breast feeding as it works the same way as birth control pills.

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