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Monday, May 1

Unplayed Piano

Lalock - this song's for you.....

Your suggestion a few weeks back when I was having my chocolate bunny "Easter Meltdown" led me to this song. I was ready to tell the kids that mommy ran over the Easter Bunny backing out of the driveway and Easter was cancelled this year! I took your advice and got in the spirit and bought the kids their first itunes gift cards for their baskets. What fun we had! I asked one of them to see if they could find this song "Unplayed Piano" that I had heard a few times on that digital cable music station that I listen to (Adult Alernative - uncensored) on the TV -- all you get is the name and artist on the screen. It was such a beautiful song and brought back so many memories of my 'unplayed piano' that sits in my parent's stale, smokey, dark basement. I had been wanting to 'bring her back home' and start to play again - but, as always, too much of an effort.

I was so excited when the kids found the song on itunes. I learned how to "burn" a CD and now I had a copy to BLAST in the car! -- Thank you, I was so happy to be listening to it all the time. If I couldn't get my piano back, at least I could listen and dream about rescuing her.

Anyway, a few days later they reminded me that the 99cents that we spent on the itune download came with a video. Most excellent! - Now I could catch a glimpse of the artists - Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan.

When I sat down to view the video (full computer screen - it was awesome!) -- I discovered what the song really meant, what it was really about, who it was really written for, and I began sobbing, uncontrollably at times, for days......

It is about a most graceful "gatherer" named Aung San Suu Kyi. A political prisoner held under house arrest by the "hunters" of her country.
I did not know anything about this and that made me even more sad.
Here is her biography:

For a listen to the song:

or you can go to if you need to download QuickTime to view the "Watch Damien Rice's Video for Aung San Suu Kyi"
segment. (it takes a little while to start)

OR... you could buy the song and get the artist's video on itunes - only 99cents - proceeds go to free Aung San Suu Kyi.

Thank you Lalock. I'm back to normal now and listening to the song again (in a very different way though). I'm also thinking alot about "Hunters" and "Gatherers" and that Mother's Day Proclamation from 1870:

I don't know what we can do for Suu Kyi from where we sit in this country. I can't even begin to feel her despair.

I am thankful that the codepink ladies are doing what they are doing this Mother's Day in Washington. I hope more and more women get out there and "play their pianos". I think alot of women today are feeling like political prisoners on some level or another.


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