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Thursday, May 25

Power Outage Snarls Northeast Rail Service

"It's getting pretty hot in here, and the bathroom is getting backed up," he said.

Sorry...I don't know much more than that -- check out the AP reporting - see if you can figure out what happened

Maybe that comet is coming.... (good - I don't feel like watering today)

Might explain my major migraine -- I must be feeling the earth groans - PoLT??

Wait -- am I hallucinating -- I think our local preacher is knocking on my door.....maybe he's coming to have a chat with me about this secret FEMA plan.
I don't think I'm going to answer the door. --

I just came back from a visit with the Dark One -- he has an interesting graphic up today. Time for a nap.....

I hope you all will be here when I wake up

UPDATE: 11:01 -- Another AP story on the Rail situation: (can't sleep)
"Thursday's outage was "shaping up as one of the worst ever."

"It's a kind of eerie, end-of-the-world feel," said Piasecki, who boarded the train in Trenton. "You have these two trains sitting here dead, not moving. You can't see any cars or anything else moving."

OMG what these poor, poor people must have had to endure!! -- WALKING A WHOLE MILE! OMFG! UFB!

PLEASE.....someone.... just put me out right now -- anybody got a golf club?

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