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Wednesday, May 24

Orlando in April

NO, its not the title of a porn movie staring Orlando Bloom

Just keeping up on the Measles outbreaks, ODDLY ENOUGH, there seems to be a small epicenter in FLORIDA, you know, Jeb Bush's backyard.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has become aware of three laboratory-confirmed cases of measles associated with travel to Orlando, Florida in mid-April 2006. One case is in a 41 year old Allegheny County resident, one is an unvaccinated 2 year old from New York State, and one is in an adult international visitor from Venezuela. All three were in Orlando the week of April 16th.

Venezuela...isn't the misadministration angry at them for something? Ah yes, for having heaps more oil than we do, I wonder if Hugo Chavez has all his immunizations. Or maybe its a pre-emptive strike, get them all sick first and then launch the invasion. And then there is Disney; tourist capital of the free world, rife with both non-Amerukans and oodles of children. Why do I say this? Guess who suffers the most from complications of this disease

Complications of measles are more common among children younger than 5 years of age and adults 20 years of age and older.

Let me give you a wee bit of background on this:
CDC and state and local health departments continue to investigate an outbreak
of mumps that began in Iowa in December 2005
(<>) and involved at
least 10 additional states as of May 2, 2006.

Eight confirmed and five probable cases of mumps linked to the Midwest outbreak have been reported in Pennsylvania. Six counties are affected. The eight confirmed cases are on a single college campus in Lancaster County. Two of these are laboratory confirmed. Cases range in age from 18 to 57. Dates of onset are from 2/4/2006 through 5/14/2006.

As a result of increased surveillance for mumps, 65 additional confirmed, probable and suspect cases have been identified. In previous years, most of these cases would probably not have been reported to the Pennsylvania Department of Health. These cases are not related to the Midwest outbreak, and are not included in the above totals.

So 11 states now, well over 1,000 cases and spreading. WTF? I do realize that vaccines do not always give lifetime immunity and that there was a 'bad batch' of vaccine during the early 70's, but come on now. Can THAT many people in the United States be unvaccinated? Don't you need these to get into public school. (wonder how many patients were homeschooled and missed out on basic medical care?) And what will happen now that vacation season is fast approaching? Does anyone think Disney will be forthcoming if they become a breeding ground for disease? Talk about a hub of humanity, coming and going, constant interactions, physical contact, just consider how many hands have touched the door handle or safety bar of that ride.

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