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Monday, May 22

Now women can become president

Oh Sure, Now They Invent This
Menstruation Is Fast Becoming Optional

Not only can you avoid unwanted pregnancy, you can avoid getting your period altogether using new birth control pills. I remember back in the day how people said that women shouldn't take powerful jobs because of PMS. Gosh, if a woman were president she might start a world war or something when she was getting her period. Yeah, yeah, take that suckers.

One Stop Shopping For All Your Birth Control Needs
In upscale neighborhoods, Planned Parenthood is opening birth control quickie marts.
The clinic will not perform abortions. Instead, lotions, essential oils and decorative carrying cases for pills and condoms will beckon shoppers inside, where they can also get oral contraceptives, pregnancy tests and screening for HIV, chlamydia and gonorrhea — all in about 20 minutes.
These won't replace traditional Planned Parenthood Clinics. Anti-abortion activist moron in Minnesota claims that Planned Parenthood is 'addicted to abortions' therefore, he is against these one stop birth control clinics. I think he doesn't get it.

Merck cancer vaccine faces Christian-right scrutiny

Merck & Co. Inc.'s vaccine to prevent the world's most prevalent sexually transmitted infection sailed through a panel of U.S. health experts, despite early fears of opposition from the Christian Right that it might lead to promiscuity and a false sense of security.
The 'christian wrong' is sort of backing off... sort of... they just don't want to make it a mandatory vaccination because they think that young women will think that it will vaccinate them against all STD's and then they'll become sluts and with more sluts in the world, it will be hard for 'christian wrong' men to control themselves.

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