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Friday, May 19

More Linguistics Gymnastics

The other day we had a post here on BlondeSense over Tony Snow's use of the term "tar baby". A fairly vigorous debate ensued, but thankfully, no innocent lives were lost. In today's episode of linguistic gymnastics, John Aravosis of AmericaBlog referred to Senator Pat Roberts (R-Land of Intelligent Design) as a "big girl" in this post. To, I am sure, no one's surprise, a debate over his use of this term has ensued. Some are saying the use of this term, as John Aravosis himself contends means "big fag", and that it is therefore it could not be sexist, and the wimmun who object should just get the fuck over it. Some, like Shakespeare's Sister, contend that the term is insulting to women and misogynistic, because it implies weakness or sissiness, and therefore should not be part of the gay vernacular.

And while we're on linguistic gymnastics, the Senate decided that we need to designate English as the country's national language. Shrubby says he was for it before he was against it.

Have at it.

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