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Saturday, May 13

Let's (Third) Party

Since our discussions of late have AGAIN resulted in our general feeling that we need a third party, I figured I would google 'Third Party' to see how many 'Green-type Parties' were out there because it's time we all just unite. WE THE SHEEPLE -- It's time to get together folks. WE the ones (MAJORITY) who earn UNDER $100,000 PER YEAR:
(read the last paragraph)

Anyway, Google led me to the Let's (Third) Party article by Tom Friedman.
Did anyone bring this article up last week? - possibly I missed it...anyway, here is the story:
(check out fu** story on upper left while your over there - great read!!)

here's some opinion on Friedman - so we don't really have to bother commenting on him --
(I thought the texas comments were too much!)
It's not the issue here - Fact is the 'Third Party' is very necessary -- it has to happen and IT WILL HAPPEN. At this point, I need to be optimistic in order to keep my sanity.

Now, if only we could get someone like Stephen Colbert to be our Chairman -- we might have a chance to recruit someone...hmm...

UPDATE (on this Mother's Day Eve):
Ponder these two articles
(workacholic consumerism) and
(why women don't relax)

Maybe the women could take some 'leisure' time and start this third party. I KNOW! ....let's take it to the Malls - it's a start anyway.

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