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Wednesday, May 24

Just My Opinion. I Could Be Wrong.

One of the few things that I agree with Laura Bush on, is the fact that a gay marriage ban doesn't need an amendment to the constitution and it will hurt the GOP (not that that is a bad thing). She must be as heterosexual as I am, because straight people simply don't spend time worrying that legalizing gay marriage will ruin straight marriages. As a parent, I would feel much better knowing that if I had a homosexual child, he or she wouldn't feel compelled by society to live a lie or be persecuted for living as nature intended. Our kids will have enough to worry about in the future.

If a marriage is truly between straight people, what is there to worry about? Those who fight vehemently in congress and the senate for the ban on gay marriage must be living a lie in a "straight" marriage or it really wouldn't bother them in the least. Sour grapes. Maybe in some cases, if a politician's base is mostly christianist homophobes, they may be pretending to care. Have you ever met a homophobe who wasn't inherently gay? I haven't. Have you ever met a jealous spouse who wasn't cheating him or herself? Of course not. Your mother was right.

Read First couple splits over constitutional amendment banning gay marriage

UPDATE: Speaking of marriage amendments... in the comments, 100th Monkey, provided a link to an interesting article at
The article is written in defense of all the nastiness directed at John Kerry and Massachusetts by the Bushistas during the election campaign.

The divorce rate in Massachusetts is the lowest in the country. The states with the lowest divorce rates are not in bush's base: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont. How can bush's base explain that commie heathens in Massachusetts value marriage 2:1 over Texans?

The states with the highest divorce rates are in bush's base states: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas

As an aside, according to Watchdogblog, Massachusetts was also vilified for being "Taxachusetts" by the "values" voters. In fact, "Massachusetts has a combined state and local rate of 5.6%, ranking it the 34th highest out of the 50 states. For comparison: Nebraska, Montana, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Idaho, and New Mexico are among those with higher rates." (NY should be in there too with high tax states)

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