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Monday, May 15

I Know How The Republicans Are Going To Maintain Control Of Congress

They're going to take the train.

First, there's this story "Ted Kennedy's Plane Struck By Lightning"
BOSTON-- A plane carrying Sen. Edward Kennedy from a commencement speech in western Massachusetts to his Cape Cod home was struck by lightning Saturday.
A Kennedy spokesman said the plane lost all electrical power and had to be diverted to New Haven, Conn.

Then, there's this story Tampering With the Zapruder Film?
The legions of conspiracy theorists will be buzzing anew this week when a group of assassination pros call for a broader probe into the Nov. 22,1963, slaying of President John F. Kennedy. Among the new concerns to be documented in a presentation near the White House Monday: possible hanky-panky with the famous Zapruder film--maybe to disguise another shooter--and suggestions that a second brain was used in an autopsy coverup.

Then there's these stories "Scalar Wars results in Control of the Weather" as well as "Scalar Wars The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics" by Bill Morgan at Weather Wars.

I put it all together and started thinking about "Was Wellstone assassinated? Skeptics, conspiracy buffs wonder if Minnesota Democrat targeted for murder". You can find that article at WorldNetDaily.

Finally, there's over 12,000 hits on "JFK Jr. assassinated" at Googlesearch.

UPDATE: Here's a link I should have included: Background: US Politicians Killed In Plane Crashes. Check it out. There's a bunch of them.

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