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Wednesday, May 24

Hey bushie, I'll give you unsettled. Right here.

Last week bush said his low poll numbers mean that Americans were "unsettled" about the Iraq war. I'm not sure who told him to say that, but they probably convinced him that it was true. I think it's more like "outrage" and "disgust" rather than "unsettled". Bush was probably told to use that word because he doesn't know what it means and it sounds good to him. Fewer and fewer Americans are telling me that we have an all "volunteer" Army so it's not like innocent Americans are being maimed and killed in war. I haven't had to tell too many of my (former) friends and acquaintances that they are war mongers in the past year. I can think of dozens more reasons Americans are "unsettled" as well. Perhaps Americans are also sick of fascist lying con artists posing as our leaders. Fortunately Stephen Colbert ran over the list with him a few weeks ago. (Incidently, Colbert's speech is #1 at iTunes. Yup, it beat the new Chili Pepper's CD)

Dahr Jamail is an American freelance reporter who visits Iraq frequently and reports back on the horrors and reality of war that you won't hear from the MSM. This week, he wants you to know how the invasion and occupation of Iraq has led to the near starvation of almost 25% of Iraq's children. It wasn't bad enough that US sanctions under Bill Clinton in the 90's killed over a half million Iraqi children, we are making sure that the US terrorizes children by arresting them, killing their parents right in front of them and torturing and raping children in Abu Ghraib.

Meanwhile, the Taliban reorganized in Afghanistan and things are heating up there. Afghanis fear that their country is becoming another Iraq. Sadly, it probably is.

I wouldn't describe my feelings for bush as "unsettled", I would describe them as sickened to the point where I could vomit every time I see him, read or hear his words or just listen to bushista propaganda on the news. I could vomit when I read about how our young people are trained to torture and kill others and be maimed and killed in return. And they call us civilized?

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