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Monday, May 22

God Beats the Devil

Yes, dear readers, it is true. God has FINALLY figured out a way to beat the devil for the souls of humanity.

As we all 'know' from the wingnutters and end timers, the AntiChrist will make his/her appearance on June 6th of this year (6/6/06) HOWEVER, it won't matter, because the world will be ending on May 25th due to a comet* slamming into the Earth.

* Just for arguments sake, there is a growing number of people who say that it is not, in fact, a comet, but the Vogon constructor ship and that keeping your towel with you would be a VERY prudent idea.

In either case, when Old Scratch shows up on June 6th to unleash his vileness upon the masses, he will be sadly disappointed, as there will not be anyone left to torture....oh sure, there may actually be a FEW people who survive the initial impact, but after witnessing the devastation of the world, family and friends and managing to survive for eleven days...well, what sort of torture could REALLY compare to that.

{/ sarcasm}

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