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Monday, May 22

Flight 77- still waiting for video

Notice how fast a story dies when it's a flop? On May 17th, CNN was abuzz waiting for the release of video footage showing a plane hitting the Pentagon. The footage didn't show an airplane. The story dropped dead.

I was wandering around on Randi Rhodes' website this morning and I came across this thread about the recent DoD video of the "plane" that hit the pentagon on 9/11. Seriously, I don't want it to have been a missile. I'd like to see proof and not because I'm a psycho who wants to see a plane crash. I want the 800 lb gorilla out of the room.

I found this link to This site documents the legal process in order to obtain government held video recordings of flight 77. According to website, Judicial Watch was asking for video showing the impact and apparently that is why they got those unclear videos from the parking lot fisheye camera. has requested a second FOIA request for 84 other flight 77 recordings. As you may recall from your readings about Fl 77, there were videos confiscated by the FBI from local hotels and a gas station. Stay tuned.

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