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Monday, May 15

Boo Hoo

Conservative christians who claim to have put this evil regime in office are now whining that their demands were not kept by the House Republicans, ie: deal with gay marriage, obscenity and abortion according to this morning's NY Times. Silly Jesofascists, what part of lipservice don't you understand? What, do you think you are defense contractors or something?

Crackpot, James Dobson is furious that his ilk can be charged with hate crimes when they attack gay people. That was not on his list of demands. He is threatening Republicans that he will withdraw his flock's support of the regime if they don't "get on the ball." Seems that the war and the threat of more wars with nukes don't bother these so called "christians". This seems to be something to keep our eyes on.


Speaking of conservatives who are out of touch with the mainstream...

Despite all this "abstinence only" junk that somehow passes for sex ed, American women are enjoying sex. Think Progress reports:
-- 88 percent of Catholic women currently use birth control, roughly the same rate as other Americans.
-- 70 percent of evangelical women are sexually active and don’t wish to become pregnant. 90 percent of these women use birth control. [2002 National Survey of Family Growth]

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