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Saturday, May 13

Another good cause

Well, I'm sure that all of y'all remember my whining & bitching & blogwhoring for a toof (and y'all came through like GANGBUSTERS!!!), but now I'm begging for a whole other reason.

Blackdog, one of our most faithful, loyal, and passionate commenters, is in a hellaciously tough spot. No, not THIS one, and not THIS one, either... I'm talking about the one and only Blackdog of Arkansas, who, as you may remember, was royally fucked out of his job by the republicunt, crookeder-than-Jimmy-Swaggart-At-A-Thrift-Store hillbilly cocksuckers of the City of Lonoke. NOW, the assholes are refusing to pay his unemployment benefits, 'cause they're saying (and LYING) that he "QUIT"!!!!!! Boy, the lengths to which some douchebags will go...

At any rate, here's what I'm asking of y'all --- Blackdog is down to his last $200, and he & his blackdogs need a little help, if y'all can spare it. Now, keep in mind, neither Blackdog nor I want anybody who's down to their last TWO bucks to chip in, please only give what you can actually AFFORD, 'cause driving OTHER people into the poorhouse is not the goal here, nor would it help our cause. So, if you've got a buck to spare, please do help him out --- and if we can help him get the fuck out of Arkansas, THEN we'd be makin' some PROGRESS!

But since our BlondeSense friends have always proven themselves (back to Katrina and before) to be such kindhearted, generous folks who'd give the shirt off of their backs to help a fellow human being, I figured that it couldn't hurt to ask. I try not to make these televangelist moments a regular feature of the blog here, as it embarrasses the hell outta me and probably gives Liz the shakes, but when a good soul has been thoroughly fucked-over by the powers-that-be, I try to do what I can to help. In my current state, I'm not much use to ANYbody, but this, I figured, might actually help.

So I'd like to thank y'all all again, for all of your kindness, good spirits, generosity, and sick, twisted humor, that have saved my life a few dozen times. And I'm sure that Blackdog will wag his ass off and lick the faces of any contributors who might enjoy that.

Here's his PayPal account: bturner (at )

Bless your hearts and pass the catfish!

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