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Tuesday, April 25

Your favorite beggar strikes again...

And for once, it's not about my gawd-awful extra-from-"Deliverance" teeth.
These are old pictures of my Blonde Niece.

Found out yesterday that they're shipping her to Afghanistan (LA National Guard) in September, for EIGHTEEN FUCKING MONTHS.

So, basically I'm polling the BlondeSense blogosphere to find out who has a nice pad in Canada, where nobody will notice me dragging a duct-taped and extremely pissed-off blondish girl in from the truck, 'cause I'm planning on kidnapping her ass. Soon.

Any tips/hardware hints/ideas?

And if I can, I might also kidnap her daughter from the sperm donor, so that even though Blonde Niece will be an expatriate/defacto deserter, she'll still get to raise her own kid, as opposed to missing years four through six.

Wouldn't y'all?

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