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Thursday, April 13

Why Wait Until They Retire?

I believe we need a fresh part in the Pentagon. We need a leader who understands team work, a leader who knows how to build teams, a leader that does it without intimidation. A leader that conforms and practices the letter and the law of the Goldwater-Nichols Act. - Maj. Gen John Batiste

So, if all of these high ranking Generals have been having so many qualms about Rumy and his lack of foresight, ethics and respect for those on the front line WHY O WHY don't they speak out when they have the power to do something about it? Why do they wait until they retire to tell the world about all the travesty that the US Armed Forces has become?

Over the past few days we have read about Colin Powell first telling us in 2001 that Iraq had NO WMD, then in 2003 that Iraq did in fact have WMD and was a threat to the ENTIRE WORLD, to this week when he admitted that no, Iraq never did have WMD.

Now today, we have Maj. Gen John Batiste, who refused a third star and a promotion (if he would go back to Iraq) who has resigned and who has called for the dismissal of Rumsfeld. The FOUTH General to do so in a rather short period of time. He joins retired Army Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton, retired Marine Corps Gen. Anthony Zinni (former chief of the U.S. Central Command), and retired Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Gregory Newbold.

Now I have two questions to ask here, but I must preface them with what I BELIEVE. I believe these men to NOT be cowards, I believe that these men have working brains, I believe that they have at least some understanding of what the 'on the ground' troops are going through, I am uncertain as to their morals as I don't know them.

So, question one: WHY did they WAIT until retiring to publically speak their minds? My mind boggles at the possibilities. Could be career worries, but then why turn down a cush job and an extra star. Could be loyalty to their troops, but then why speak out at all. Pressure from above perhaps?

Question two: WHY aren't more people listening to them?

What are your thoughts and ideas? Can you bring anything to the table?

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