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Thursday, April 27

What an Effing Day

Its been a bad day already, and not just in politics. Life is harder than its ever been for most of us, people are loosing their minds; attacking one another verbally and physically. I've seen more and more people coming into the ER and clinics due to beatings, mal-nutrition and depression than I have EVER seen in my life, save a few instances with MSF in South and Central America during wars and an African Famine/Drought.

We need a mental / emotional / spiritual break. Unfortunately I don't see one coming any time soon. I find myself growing increasingly depressed and pissed off on a nearly constant basis. This isn't me, I am by nature a rather content person, I bloom where I am planted be it with weeds or with roses. However I don't seem to be able to keep that growing pain inside of me anymore. I find that I can no longer ignore the idiots who are enabling these criminals, wether by assisting or ignoring what BushCo and his ilk are doing.

It is Spring here in the Poconos. Heating oil should be going down, its gone up. Of course it dropped to 30 degrees over night just a day or two ago. (but I'm sure that's god's will, not a reflection on how messed up the global ecology has become).

I don't know, maybe we (collectively as a country / species) need to go through this to get people to open their eyes and pay attention. For them to realize that what YOU do here and now has the ability to affect others for years to come. Cut down that forrest to create homes and for the next several hundred years we will be paying by losing oxygen and green filters for our air, by losing a temperature regulator, by losing habitat for the creatures that inhabit those forests who will now either die out or become 'pests' by trying to use our homes to replace the ones that were stolen from them.

RSB is absolutely right, people do not see the big picture, they don't connect the dots. Some of them are too worried about making it from day to day, just trying to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. Some are just selfish arses who think that the world is here for their benefit and theirs alone. I don't know how to make them understand. I don't know how to get through to them. I've given up hope for most of them. Unfortunately there won't be a way to separate the wheat from the chafe when things get worse.

We are all in this together as the human race, it doesn't even matter what country you are from anymore. If Iran gets nuke'd is anyone REALLY so ignorrant as to think the wind will not carry those radioactive particles across the globe? There are still placed in AUSTRALIA where people will not farm because of the Cherynobyl fall out, red sands from the Saharah are brought to the shores overnight by winds, crossing the ocean it still stains the Australian dirt with its ruddy hue. Do people honestly not realize that this globe is interconnected? Do they think we as Americans are so insulated that Nature will bow to us and leave us out of her vicious path?

Tornadoes doing things they shouldn't do (sideways, upside down at one point just last week), hurricaines that cut swaths of our coastline back into the sea, blizzards in places that never used to get snow, doughts in one section, torrential rains and mudslides in another, the ever present threat of earthquakes and volcanoes....How blind are we as a species? Or is it just stupidity? Or maybe arrogance?

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