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Thursday, April 20

Thinking of Moving?

Lalock sent me this link to the Yukon Government website in case we want to bail. Unfortunately the temperature is seriously lacking in BTU's but imagine all the cute scarf, gloves and hat sets you can own? And boots!

They make more money than other Canadians and have a lower unemployment rate. They have 61 doctors and 16 dentists. They have small classes in the schools. The median age is 37. They have 4 newspapers, 2 tv stations and 6 radio stations. I hope you can get satellite or you can always start a company. They have high speed internet access in most areas and they have a college. There are plenty of artistic outlets. There seems to be a lot of gravel roads but most folks drive trucks and SUVs anyway, and it might be fun. There is a great tourist trade. If you move there, there are jobs to be created.

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