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Monday, April 24

Republicans And Strippers

Oh my man, I love him so
He'll never know
All my life is just despair
But I don't care!

Wanna know what conservatives believe caused the downfall of marriages today?
No, it's NOT the remote control or 24 hour sports on television or beer.

We just can't keep our legs closed and ourselves firmly planted at the stove or the washing machine where we belong. We are all on welfare and causing the economy to collapse! And we are being enabled by the Republican Congress! How dare they. Let's not vote for those suckers ever again. I'm voting Democrat.

Check out this article by david r usher. Marriage Collapses Under GOP Congress
Here's an excerpt:

Republicans wonder why so many Americans are unhappy with them. The reason is plainly visible on Page 1 of the newspaper every day. Just read about all those single-mom strippers, imputed rapists, spousal murderers and child sexual abusers (of both sexes), and messed up children.
Damn feminist sluts. I thought that we were unhappy with Republicans because they put corporations before people, are war mongering pigs, they fight the idea of paying living wages to American workers, that they hate Mexicans and treat women like shit, that they are dissolving the middle class or that they support a psycho moron in the WH.
Women would not be stripping for a living after becoming destitute single mothers if government did not lead them down the reprehensible path of feminist greed, spending billions of other people's money debauching women's natural reproductive desires down to the lowest moral denominator. Men would not settle for cheap girlie entertainment or give up on marriage if Republicans had not spent the past 12 years pimping women straight out of the marriage market.
Well I never!
At least he didn't blame Clinton for men's desire for cheap girlie entertainment. I think it was around maybe even during the Reagan years.

When he let's me watch my show,
He'll never know
How gooey is his chair
But I don't care!

UPDATE: Today's Newsday Cover Story is about a single mother who was on public assistance, who then got a skilled job but still was among the nation's working poor... she piled up debt (and no, she didn't become a stripper but who could blame her if she did). She was given the opportunity through the federal Section 8 program to improve her life and now she owns a home on Long Island, which is no easy feat these days.

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