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Saturday, April 22

Okay, here's a plan...

We get the DCC or the DNC to hire six flatbed 18-wheelers, load 'em up with giant Marshall & EV amps & monitors (speakers), and put these two songs on an infinite loop.

Pink (has the biggest brass ovaries that I've seen in many a day.)

Neil Young

Have the semi's circle the White House, 24/7, until we run the rat, squeaking for his Mommy, out of our government.

(Hey, if they can torture Noriega {another BushCo. employee-of-the-month, btw} into surrendering, with hair bands and cheap amps, then this has GOT to work!)

Big brass ovary attachments to Rene' and Mick for the tips/links.

(And before y'all start bitching me out about not being around lately, well, I've had a lot of shit to handle, and I'm working on something. So nyeh.)

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