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Saturday, April 22

Newsy Items

Man, the 'stuff' keeps flying doesn't it?

Harriet Myers, America's sweetheart, who bush touted as the best person in the whole wide world for the SCOTUS, is under Josh Bolten's scrutiny. Could she be replaced as bush's counsel?

This is typical of our current government- making scientists look like radicals. The FDA says that "no sound scientific studies" supported the medical use of marijuana, contradicting a 1999 review by a panel of highly regarded scientists.

A CIA official stated that the WH told him that they didn't care about WMD information right before the US bombed the living shit out of Baghdad, that they were interested in a regime change and not intel. But we already knew that.

Ted Koppel will probably be smeared this weekend for talking about the nation's news media: “they have almost surrendered even the pretense of civic responsibility. That is not just a shame, but a travesty.”

Only the WH is supposed to leak information, silly. The CIA fired an employee for leaking the story about the secret gulags to Dana Priest of WaPo. God forbid anyone should know what the government is doing.

Did Condolieza Rice leak national defense information to a pro- Israel lobbyist? Her spokesman says, no, she didn't. Ok, that settles it. I was worried that a cabinet person would do such a thing.

Immigration: I found this good article in today's Newsday: Internet hoaxes and immigration statistics

I mentioned the other day that the Border Patrol in Arizona that my son has had run in's with is not a government agency. Some readers disagreed with me, but it is a privately funded concern and those who stop people on the highway just south of Tucson do not work for the government. I don't know why people have to stop for them. Cuz they have guns? I need to find out more. Someone?

I have to go through my pictures to find it, but on Rt 10 just north of Tucson I saw the most amazing billboard... I mean we don't even have them in NY... It read: "September 11, 2001: Stay focused, America." The motto of the border patrol down there is "We must take our country back ... before there is another 9/11." Sure, there is an immigration problem that must be addressed... and fairly of course... but to equate Mexican immigrants with 9/11 is ludicrous and I must protest. US Foreign policy and 9/11 would be more like it.

And one other thing: everyone I met in Tombstone Arizona told me that they are living there because it's the "real America" when I told them I was from NY. (mind you, Tombstone is one of those old west re-enactment tourist destinations and they all dress like Wyatt Earp.) I told them that I will be sure to call Osama bin Laden and tell him where the real America is and thanks for the tip.

What else is newsy today?

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