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Monday, April 24

News that makes you say hmmmm

If you're depressed and sickly... The secret of being in rude health is intercourse
- Scientists are discovering that sex, can offer protection from depression, colds, heart disease and even cancer.

- Sex can lower blood pressure.

- Sex probably burns off about the same number of calories per minute as a brisk walk.

- Studies show "penile-vaginal intercourse is the only sexual behaviour consistently associated with better psychological and physiological health".

Such sex has been linked, in women, to a heightened emotional awareness, possibly because the "love hormone" oxytocin is released. One study even found that semen is a mood-enhancing ingredient.

-Psychologists have found that people who have sex once or twice a week have levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA) that are up to a third higher than their more restrained peers. IgA is an antibody that boosts the immune system and is the first line of defence against colds and flu.

-Recent studies suggest that men who have orgasms twice a week are half as likely to die early as men who orgasm less than once a month.

- The more frequently men ejaculate, the less likely they are to develop prostate cancer, and if middle-aged men have sex twice a week or more they also have a lower risk of heart attack.

Advice Column
Dear Sebastian, I'm currently having the best sex ever. Unfortunately it's with someone I think is boorish and stupid, but wants a proper relationship. How can I keep it purely sexual?
Answer here

The women who think housework is better than sex
THE average British woman spends more than 16 hours a week cleaning her home, a regime that “makes her feel in control of her life”, according to a survey.
She devotes 2hr 23min each day to cleaning, compared with 52min a day on her personal appearance.

Sex not such a happy experience in male-dominated societies
- The study found that people reported the greatest sexual satisfaction in four countries, led by Austria, and followed by the United States, Spain and Canada.

- The research indicated that fewer people reported satisfying sex lives where men have a dominant status over women, such as nations in East Asia, and the Middle East, and in poorer countries, but the gender gap of 10 points remained consistent across the world.
Asexuals Unite
You don't even have to be alone if you're asexual!

"A small but growing movement believes that asexuality is an orientation as valid as straight or gay."

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