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Thursday, April 13

More War on Easter and Other Distractions

Well, we finally have it on tape, the actual beginning volley on the 'War on Easter' tm. And, as I'm sure we could have all guessed, Faux Spews wins the booby prize.

Well, I'd like to join in. My first blow would be to the date...pick a freaking date and stick to it, would yah? None of this 'the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox' tripe, its just too confusing and its hard to plan the egg hunt from year to year. Could be snowing, could be warm,.... Why can't they just figure out the day Christ died? After all the fundies keep telling us they 'know' what God/Jesus would do, want, say, decide. So why, after nearly 2,000 years can't they figure this little nugget of knowledge out?

Second, change the name. WHY are you naming a Christian holiday after a Pagan Fertility Rite? (although I find it rather amusing that the first several hits to Easter + Pagan on google is right wing sites insisting that NO, they are not) . Come on guys, we have LOTS of intelligent, creative people reading this blog. I'm willing to bet any of you can come up with a better, more descriptive name for the period of time that inspired Mel Gibson to film his snuff film.

Oh, and if anyone wanted to check out the website, forget it, it appears the 'war' has been so sucessful that the site has been snafu'd. Of course I'm sure that will just give these martyr wannabe's something else to blame on the 'godless hoards' that roam the Earth.

So, what say you good people any name and date suggestions?

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