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Monday, April 24

More on Mumps

Still a long ways off from the panic and worry phase, but I thought this was interesting nonetheless:

PENNSYLVANIA has 2 confirmed and 3 suspected* (pending labs) cases of mumps this year. All 18-25 year olds, NONE with connections to the Mid-West.

The source of the outbreak is unknown. However, the mumps strain has been identified as genotype G, the same genotype responsible for a continuing outbreak in the United Kingdom that has sickened 100,000 people, mostly unvaccinated young adults.

Gerberding said there should be sufficient vaccine for those who need to get a second dose. Also, mumps vaccine maker Merck has donated 25,000 doses to help protect the uninfected.

Now, I have to ask myself. Why is this happening? Is it the cut in funding of free vaccination programs? Is it a viral DNA marker that is being 'tested' on a slice of our population (I DO find it interesting that the majority of the cases are 18-25 year olds, prime Armed Services Age). Or is this a way to get more people 'vaccinated' with what we are told is a mumps vaccine. Or is this Mother Nature's way of bitch slapping us into awareness?

* Disclaimer, if I am reading the report properly, the Pennsylvania cases were in February and March, so they are a case of retrofitting a diagnosis by doing COMPLETE labs.

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