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Friday, April 28

Living With War

is streaming at today. I'm listening to it right now from another browser window. It streams in its entirety from start to finish, so don't expect to pick and choose what songs you want to hear until the album is available for download at online music stores next week and eventually available as a physical CD.

The album was written and recorded in a hurry less than a month ago. It shows. It's raw and crunchy. The urgency however is what makes it so compelling. I'm not putting on my music reviewer hat today because it would only take away from the message of the album which is that the majority of Americans are tired of being the silent majority and we're fed up with all the lies. If the Fox News Polls are showing bush ratings plummeting in the 30's, you know that even the Koolaid drinkers are throwing away their pitchers with the happy face. This is big.

Imus and others were making fun of the lyrics yesterday before they heard the music. Sure they seemed simplistic but I wasn't going to make a judgment call until I could listen to it in context. I'm listening to "Let's Impeach The President" right now. It's both a ditty and an anthem. It will take you only a few minutes to learn once this song gets airplay. That's the genius of Young. It features bush quotes and his famous flip flops. Fabulous. The last song is "America the Beautiful".

Is the next "Ohio" on "Living With War"? Could be.

UPDATE: True Majority urges you to sign their petition and let your senators know that you want to bring the troops home. They also bring you the streaming Neil Young Album.

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