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Friday, April 28

It's Friday, So Let's Talk Sex

As many of our faithful readers and posters know, here at BlondeSense we like to use Fridays for our let-it-all-hang-out discussions about sex. There's nothing like a good tradition, so let's keep it up.

Well, hallelujah and pass the potato chips ladies, it looks like the medical world has gotten a clue and is now working on male contraception. No, not better rubbers, but real, live birth control pills for men. Now, I'm hoping that the conversation is going to get freaky, and maybe even a little raunchy (after all, we do have Petey, and I can't wait to hear what some of the regular male commenters are gonna say about this) but I want to be serious for a minute and ask you to contemplate what this might mean.

We lament a lot here on BlondeSense that birth control has always the woman's responsibility. This could change the entire equation. No more "if she gets pregnant, well, that's just tough shit, because she is a tramp for screwing around and therefore deserves what she gets." No more men whining, "she trapped me into marriage by getting pregnant on purpose." No more, "I'm not getting a vasectomy because no doctor is cutting anything near my manhood." And, this is the really good part ladies, the men get to stick the all those hormones and chemicals in their bodies for a change. Heh.

So, have at it. Let's say this birth control pill for men gets approved by the FDA and is on the market. Will it be successful? Will men actually step up to the plate and take their fair share of responsibility for birth control?

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