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Thursday, April 27

I Was Abducted by Aliens...

but it seems my tinfoil headgear was throwing off their Galactical Positioning System. You see there was this little article about a plane crashing in Afghanistan the other day. Did you see it or did it slip below the radar? A State Department leased plane crashed into some mud huts after a truck drove across the runway when the plane was landing. Here's the story.

It doesn't sound like much except that the vehicle was a Russian cargo plane and the fatalities could have been worse if the men had been in the huts and not out working the opium fields. Now why would the State Department have to rent a plane from the Russians? Is the United States so strapped it can't spare a plane to fight the war on drugs or is the Russian plane a cover. If it is a cover then what is it a cover for? As for the opium workers living at the end of the runway all I can say is how convenient that must be for all concerned.

The report states that the two Ukrainians were killed, other coverage of this story claims they were the pilots. Eleven people on board the plane were Americans leaving three of unknown nationality. Supposedly the people on the plane are "anti"drug agents but the story doesn't pass the smell test and brings to mind the Eugene Hasenfus affair that exposed Iran-Contra.

Military helicopters were brought in to transport the injured but Reuters reports that the British Secretary of Defense John Reid was delayed when one of his planes was sent to help out in the emergency. My guess is that they had to quickly take care of the "cargo". I knew there was some reason Ollie North was hanging around Afghanistan posing as a Fox News correspondent, what a great cover. Robert Parry reported on it back in the eighties and it's the same gang of criminals in positions of power today. I would love to see this story grow some legs and kick the shit out of the Bush crime family. No pardons this time around boys it's lockdown time.

(thanks cabana boy for throwing that float to me in the deep end of the pool)

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