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Tuesday, April 25

Groundhog Day II - Bin Laden Pipes UP.....AGAIN!

OMG - I can't take it anymore....17 times now! How many times did Bill Murray wake up in Goundhog's Day?? I feel like I'm living in the middle of a bad dream that I CANNOT wake up from - or mabe it's a bad movie that I'm living in - shit - I don't know anymore.

What's reality, what's hollywood, what's funny, what's satire, what's news, what's religion, what's parody, what's political, what's right, WTF!!!!!!!!

We should all brainstorm and write a screenplay (sell to highest bidder and donate to our cause) -- This wild camel chase with Bin Laden is well....I don't last straw?! I think we should cast, create a story line, and write the next BLOCKBUSTER Brought to you EXCLUSIVELY from BLONDESENSE.

Anyone up to the challenge?

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