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Friday, April 14

The GOP Hates NY. The feeling is mutual.

After 9/11, the EPA determined that the air quality in lower Manhattan was dangerous. No one got that message because the WH told them not to release those findings. Story after story has come out since 9/11 about people getting cancer or dying from mysterious illnesses after working on the rescue mission. Many times those stories were blown off as conspiracy theories. Well there was a conspiracy if the WH tells the EPA not to release news that the air wasn't safe to breathe. That was not a theory. In fact, Sen Clinton vowed to do something about it and State Attorney General Elliot Spitzer was suing the EPA. I never heard or read about anything after that.

All I know is that a huge coverup went on immediately after 9/11. It's reprehensible that the government would allow rescue workers to risk their lives and their health and not be given the proper warning and breathing apparatus. How the NYPD and the NYFD can still support the bushistas is beyone me. The bushistas hate NY and they laughed in our faces when they brought their RNC here.

The story to read is this one in today's NY Times: Debate Revives as 9/11 Dust Is Called Fatal
What debate? This is despicable.

I've blogged about this too many times. Here are a few I dug up.

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