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Monday, April 17

Forecast of Tropical Storms

I'm sure you already guessed this, but the news is NOT good.

The TMP forecast predicts 17 named storms, nine hurricanes and five "intense hurricanes"—defined as a storm that's category three or stronger—during the Atlantic hurricane season, which lasts from June to November. Since 1950, the average forecast foretells about 10 named storms, about six hurricanes and about two strong hurricanes.

So we're looking at what? 50-70% increase over a 50 year period. And with the ice caps and glaciers melting and adding more fresh water into the oceans (which decreases the salinity and creates a wider swing in temperatures) the storms promise to be larger and more intense with each passing season.

So, anyone planning on moving inland? I'm hearing that many residents will not be able to get insurance anymore, but hey, you can always rely on the government to help you out, right? /snark

But in all honesty I DO want to hear from those of you who live in the traditional paths of hurricaines, tornadoes, fault lines and other natural disasters - are your plans any different now than they were pre-Katrina? Are you able to get/afford insurance. Will your plans for this season be any different from last years?

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