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Saturday, April 15


I've been saving this stuff on my bookmarks bar.

Did you know that you can get all the latest scoop on voting irregularities and what is or isn't being done about it at Talk about dot connecting and vast right wing conspiracies. It's all there.

There's a great story about everything you need to know about Jack Abramoff at Rolling Stone. It fills in the blanks nicely and is also horrifying about what he has been involved in. If this guy ever talks he could bring down the whole government.

If you haven't watched Hijacking Catastrophe 9/11, Fear, and the Selling of American Empire.
You really should, if you have a high speed connection or have time to download it or you can read about it here.

As much as this Rabbi Shmuley Boteach irritates me, he is having a reality show called "Shalom in the Home," and his interview at WaPo is astoundingly right on. What the hell is wrong with families? The parents.

Stu Blue California stopped by on the comments to leave a link to this eye opening movie, "9-11 Loose Change". It does all make sense when you watch it. It's over an hour. I've watched half of it already and it only reinforces my initial beliefs about what really didn't happen on 9/11.

Isn't it just amazing how you can watch movies online?

In keeping with the resurrection them this week, if you didn't see my post about this previously, check out Afterlife It's beautiful and haunting and be sure to click on the little crosses after each season and move your mouse across each picture.

You can play Battleship online if you have flash.

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