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Thursday, April 20

The Cost of Faith

I'm sure (or at least hope) everyone here is aware of the huge amount of money being wasted on 'faith based initiatives' the most alarming is the abstinence only program. The one that has caused a HUGE upswing in STD, mostly because of unprotected intercourse and the foolish idea that if you can't become pregnant via that orifice, it doesn't really count. (insert eye roll here)

NOW we have a woman in California, in an URBAN area with Bubonic plague (yes, this does occasionally happen in rural areas but it is still uncommon). And the mumps outbreak has passed the 1,000 mark, infecting 9 confirmed states and another possible 5 states. I wish I had the CDC release on a website as the email is far too long and dry to post here, but the short of it is, people are NOT getting their childhood vaccinations as recommended, many due to 'strong religious beliefs'. Now I do not pretend to understand what religion and vaccines have to do with one another. If you have concerns regarding mercury or live vaccines (like, say, polio) then that I can reason with.

What I have been seeing lately in medicine and science is a complete breakdown of procedures and reality. This goes beyond the creationist/intelligent design bull. These morons are litereally invading the real world of medicine, refusing to allow us to practice and, more to the point, ADVANCE our craft.

We already know what the fundies have done to the scientific community. Refusing to listen to REAL experts on global warming, evolution, pharmaceuticals, et al. Now they want to dumb down the people who are responsible for keeping you healthy and saving your life. They want to make it illegal for medical practioners to even mention the morning after (plan B) pill to rape victims who come into our Emergency Rooms. They want to block the production and administration of the vaccine that may well prevent thousands of women from getting cervical cancer.

And I can almost see the writing on the wall...we were talking about the wall some people want to build between Mexico and the USA. Several of us are afriad that that wall would be used to keep us in as opposed to keep others out. Well what about using a manufactured epidemic? Mumps isn't good enough, what about a panic with the avian flu? Rope off a few states, maybe during election time? Maybe I'm paranoid, maybe I shouldn't have eaten that curry at 3am this morning, maybe I should sleep before I blog, but maybe I'm on to something.

What do you think? Tinfoil hat time or time to worry?

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