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Monday, April 17


Ok, so maybe the evil laughter IS a bit over the top, but I did make very nearly that sound when I read this:

A physician at the public health school of University of Newcastle, New South Wales, defines disease mongering as the deliberate expansion of a diagnostic gray area to encompass conditions that would not normally be considered abnormal, and then prescribing expensive medications for those borderline sufferers. He offers the marketing of the drug Viagra as a prime example.

That's right, my lovelies, SCIENCE IS STRIKING BACK. We have known for quite some time how dangerous the over usage of antibiotics actually is; how it is setting us up for a huge, broad-spectrum resistant bacterial mega-bug. And now, we have people being treated for diseases that don't 'really' exist, at least not by reasonable medical standards.

So we have more drugs, more side-effects, more pharmaceuticals in the water system (you didn't REALLY think the sewer treatment plants could get them all out, did you?), and less access to healthcare to treat the fall out from the aforementioned issues. Well, I'm sure you can see were this is all heading.

For those of you who are interested, the Head of Infection Control will be sending out an update on the Avian Flu sometime Monday, I'll post some highlights here later in the day, but until they start documenting human to human transmission its little more than a distraction / interesting story.

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