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Saturday, April 29

An Amusing Trip Down Memory Lane- if only

New Anger-Powered Cars May Revolutionize The Way We Drive
February 4, 2004 | Issue 40•05

"The theory behind the anger-powered engine is actually quite simple," said Keith Cameron, chief engineer on General Motors' Project Instigator until January. "The average motorist traveling a clogged American highway produces hundreds of kilowatt-hours of negative energy per infuriating drive. The Instigator motor converts this emotional energy into kinetic energy by a process most drivers—people too goddamn stupid to use their goddamn blinkers when they change goddamn lanes—will never be able to understand. Just trust me, dumbasses, it works.""


"This bitch's bastard's whore went like a goddamn raped ape with me at the wheel," said Car And Driver's Brock Yates, who test-drove Daimler-Chrysler's Dodge Rammit pickup. "The vitriolic-assist brakes barely worked, the rear-view mirror found my bald spot every time, and the voice-response OnStar system mocked me for writing the script for Cannonball Run. I was getting 107 miles to the gallon when I T-boned that bus."

The whole article is a a hoot. I love the car names: Chevrolet Tantrum, Buick Umbrage, Lincoln Frown Car, Plymouth Violent and Fury, Dodge Rammit pickup

hat tip to CommonSense

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