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Sunday, March 26

you don't have to go all the way to South Dakota

Texas is on the frontlines of the abortion culture wars. But we not only make it difficult for women to obtain abortion services, we go out of our way to deny women gynecological and birth control services.

Texas ranks 45th in family planning. Texas also ranks 1st in pregnancies in young women under the age of 13. Department of State Health Services says:

1 of every 11 eighteen-year-olds gets pregnant
1 of every 16 seventeen-year-olds gets pregnant.
1 of every 27 sixteen-year-olds gets pregnant.
1 of every 58 fifteen-year-olds gets pregnant.
1 of every 967 thirteen-year-olds gets pregnant.
1 of every 5,280 twelve-year olds or younger gets pregnant.

There are literally millions of women in Texas who do not have access to abortion, family planning or gynecological health care because their counties do not have family planning or abortion clinics. These women do not have health insurance and if they did there is no guarantee that they can obtain an abortion if the hospitals in their area do not perform abortions.

So we have further reduced Texas women's access to family planning centers. According to a story in the Houston Chronicle, the Texas Legislature has funded so called crisis pregnancy centers while cutting funding to clinics that perform abortions and provide gynecological services.

Mind you, we don't do anything to increase spending for feeding, clothing, educating, and raising children. Not only do we want women to have more children, we don't want them to have access to medical care. OB/GYNs do not deliver babies anymore because they cannot afford to do so. Remember "tort reform?" We cut malpractice awards to plaintiffs so that doctor's insurance rates would go down. Did they go down? No.

This isn't about babies. Because if it were, women would have paid leave, insurance, pre-natal care, and every child would have insurance until they or their employers could pay for it themselves. It is about men controlling women. It is about wealthy people making damn sure that they can have sex and birth control and abortions because they can afford to and the poor can have children, drop out of school, have fewer educational opportunities because someone has got to cut madame's lawn and clean madame's toilet.

I blame men, but I also blame women. Republican women. Republican women who went to Planned Parenthood because they didn't want mommy and daddy to know about how they terminated their pregnancy. And they vote Republican because President Clinton got a blow job.

Oral sex is going to mean safer sex to American women because birth control pills and abortion is soon out of the question. The question is will it matter to women?

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