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Friday, March 31

Ya S'pose We Can Hire These Guys?

From Prensa Latina:

Maya Priests “Cleanse” Cancun of Bush Evils

Cancun, Mexico, Mar 31 (Prensa Latina) "People in Cancun, where tight security has been in force for the last two days, are breathing a clearer air Friday, after five Maya priests cleansed the city of “evils in US President George W Bush.”

"Members of the Ceremonial Center of Nuevo Valladolid made the “cleansing” at Las Palapas Park, where they erected an altar, burnt incense and drank a beer called the balche, which is used to purify the spirit.

“We are getting rid of Bush evils,” said Priest Romualdo May.

"The ritual is among actions held in Cancun and across Mexico to condemn the presence of Bush, who is attending the Mexico-US-Canada meeting opened today.

"Talks between Vicente Fox, Bush, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and their delegations are focusing on border security, regional competition and cooperation to fight diseases such as bird flu."

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