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Wednesday, March 29

White Boys On A Rampage

Pinko Femnist Hellcat has the story about Duke Lacross Team who hired exotic dancers for their party on March 13th. The dancers turned out to be black women. The over-privileged boys proceeded to "bark" racial slurs and scare the women who stopped dancing and decided to get the hell out of there as they were scared. One of the boys raised a broomstick indicating that he planned to use it.

One of the women was stopped, dragged and brutally, raped, beaten, strangled and sodomized by 3 white boys. The entire Lacrosse team has kept silent and has refused to say who the pigs are. Fortunately the decent people of Duke and Chapel Hill have been protesting vigilantly. 46 of the team members have been DNA tested. The Lacrosse games have been cancelled. And how many weeks has it been before the school got on the stick? Viva community pressure.

Pinko has good commentary on the incident that I agree with. Watch the slut card get played. I'd use the rich, white, athlete card if I had anything to do with the prosecution to counter the slut attack.

This story reminded me of an incident here on Long Island in Merrick where HS football players raped and sodomized one of their own at training camp in Pennsylvania. A broomstick and pinecones were used as I recall. No one on the team came forward to do the right thing and identify the pigs. Interestingly 16 of the boys on the Duke Lacrosse team are from Long Island, quite a few from well to do neighborhoods. What is it with priveleged boys and broomsticks?

CNN is spending the morning talking about parents trying to get their kids into the best colleges. Oh those ivy league colleges. Land of opportunity- where they teach you to be a part of the exclusive and secretive, rich white boys club.

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