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Friday, March 24

What century is this again?

Rhode Island abandoned its abstinence only sex education program.

Lawyers at the Rhode Island affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union first complained last year that a now-abandoned textbook used by Heritage of Rhode Island taught students that girls should wear clothing that doesn't invite "lustful thoughts" from boys. The book described men as "strong" and "courageous" while women were called "caring."
Oh yeah, blaming the girls, as usual, for something that has been around since the dawn of time: Lustful thoughts. In the days not even that long ago when dressing like a prostitute was not the fashion, boys and girls were thinking lustful thoughts. I don't think a minute went by that I wasn't thinking about boys when I was in high school and vice versa. We wore ugly unsexy uniforms to school, like that stopped anyone from thinking about ripping the uniform off the girl or boy of your desire.

Oh yeah, and all men are strong and courageous. Sure.
And women are all caring. Sure.

Why aren't these maroons who come up with this stuff exiled somewhere?

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