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Saturday, March 25

The Washington Post Sux

A couple of days ago, I cancelled my subscription to the Washington Post. I am completely disgusted with the editors' efforts to turn a respected newspaper into Faux News Lite. For example, this past week, they hired some young kid to be a "conservative blogger" to balance out the supposedly overly liberal voices at the paper. Mayhem ensued among the liberal blogosphere, and the kid has now resigned after several instances of earlier plagarism were uncovered. Duncan over at Eschaton has been all over the story; you can read more about it here. (The Post can't get anything right, by the way, since I continue to receive the paper daily even though I have cancelled. I'm not paying if they send me a bill.)

So anyway, what caught my eye this morning was a story about Iraq. Did you have any idea that 50 people died yesterday in Iraq? Including two more American soldiers? I wouldn't have either if I hadn't perused the paper very, very carefully. I found it in a little small box titled "World News in Brief". It carried an AP byline.

This is what we have come to: a prominent national newspaper cannot even be bothered to write its own story when FIFTY people are killed in a single day. The Post cannot be bothered to put a story about FIFTY people dying on its front page, even below the fold. The Post apparently believes that the death of FIFTY people merits a story of maybe a hundred words.

What the hell is the Washington Post thinking?

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