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Friday, March 17

Thank Goodness, I Can Sleep At Night Again

Several months ago, out of a kind of morbid curiousity, I joined the mailing list of Dr. Bill "Cat Killer" Frist's political action committee, VolPac. Periodically, I get an email letting me know about the things he's doing in Washington, presumably those of which he is most proud. Got one of those emails yesterday.

Thanks goodness, I can sleep at night again. Because never fear, The Cat Killer has introduced a new bill to "ensure the security of our nation's borders." And guess what, he's not just pretending, he really is a supporter of Israel. So much so, he wants to make sure that the good ole US of A has a great big wall, just like Israel, all along the border with Mexico. And, he's gonna let the military patrol it. Here are some of the good doctor's bright ideas:

"Over the next six years, my bill will add nearly 15,000 additional border protection agents to augment the 20,000 Customs and Border Protection agents already on the job (2,400 new agents annually)

Specifically authorizes 1,250 border agents and 1,250 port-of entry inspection agents

Requires Defense Department cooperation on the border, e.g. unmanned drones

Begins process of building a 1,951 mile virtual barrier across every inch of our border with Mexico that will combine walls and fences in high traffic areas and sensors to let our Customs and Border Patrol Agents see and hear those who try and cross through low traffic areas

Requires fingerprint database connectivity between FBI and Border Patrol"

No word on how we pay for these things, naturally. I guess we'll find that out in this week's episode of "Fuck the Poor".

Yes, I feel safer already.

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