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Thursday, March 23

Support Charlie Sheen

Did anyone hear the interview on Showbiz Tonight? Glad to see some prominent people are opening their mouths. I understand CNN showed a clip of it also. Ever since I saw the collapse of the towers on that horrific day, I've felt that something wasn't quite right about the whole thing; and as time went on I became more and more suspicious of our government. Once in a while I would say to someone that I thought our own government had something to do with 911. Most people would react the same way -- how could you say such a thing - or - don't even say that - or -how could you think that? So, I shut-up. I can't keep quiet anymore.

I know you all have probably debated this to death over the past few years, and have subjected yourselves to much frustration in doing so. Two of my favorite sites to visit and have only reinforced my suspicions. If you haven't checked these sites out yet, take a look. The mainstream media should be questioning this also - but as you know that hasn't happened yet. However, I have a feeling that pretty soon we will be seeing more of the Charlie Sheen's out there speaking up.

I've decided to take my little post-it pad with these two websites written on them and slap them up where ever they will stick. Maybe if we get enough people to question what really happened, we might get some answers - or - disappear in the middle of the night.

Liz, If you don't hear from me again please contact my family.

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